Bleached Art Shirt Commission Waitlist

T00thfaerie Art Black Shirt Bleach Art Commission Requests

Thanks so much for your interest in one of my hand-drawn bleach art shirts!

At this time, I cannot fulfill everyone's commission orders but I'll get to them as time allows, this is a place for my to keep track of everyone who is interested. If a design element request seems like it matches my style and I feel I can do it justice, I'd love to fulfill your order - so please provide as much detail as possible in your design description. There may also be times when I'll need to wait for new inventory to come in, so your patience is appreciated. :-)

Prices start at $50 for custom tees and go up depending on initial product price, time required for design research & detail (so providing a URL as an example is really helpful), and amount of bleach needed.

Please include in your description whether you'd like the design to be on the front or back or both, on a specific corner, sleeves - or if you just want me to roll with it! 

(*Also, sometimes it takes a minute for the form to load below.)